2 Pcs Toddler Boy Casual Set Polo Shirt & Shorts Wholesale 02145216

2 Pcs Toddler Boy Casual Set Polo Shirt & Shorts Wholesale 02145216




Sku : 02145216
Clothing Categories : Clothing sets
Gender : Boys
Age : 9months-5years
Fabric : Cotton Blend
Color : Black,White,Grey,Green,Purple,Orange,Yellow,Multi
Season : Summer
Pattern : Striped,Letters,Color-blocking,Camo,Printed,Alphabet
Occasion : Casual

SIZE Length (cm) Bust (cm) Sleeve length (cm) Gear depth (cm) Pants Length (cm) Waist (cm) Recommended height (cm)
9-12months 36 54 9.5 19.5 28 34 70-75
18-24months 38 55 10 20 30 36 75-85
2-3years 40 56 10.5 20.5 32 38 85-95
3-4years 42 57 11 21 34 40 95-105

Do you want to update your baby boy’s wardrobe? No worries! You have reached the right place.

Get ‘Toddler boy casual set polo shirt & short’ for your baby. A baby boy’s wardrobe without this set is incomplete.

The set comes in different colors, white and black, black and white, purple and white, and orange and black.

No matter which color you choose your baby will look classy in this polo set.

It’s the casual cloth you can wear anytime. When you are indoors, going shopping, or to your job.

It is perfect for summer and spring. The season when everything is a bit hot. You need light clothes that allow a fresh breeze to reach your skin.

While this beautiful polo set is amazing for summer, your baby will also look cute in it.

The baby will look like a little man in the making with some cute factors added to it.

This is a popular set many people buy for their kids. And people love it. It is one of the highest products people drop in carts for good reason.

It is not hard to get stains out of it. Since it is casual, the material is easy to clean. After all, children make lots of mess.

What’s more for this set, you do not have to worry about the price. It is very affordable. You can order a couple of these polo and you won’t even know.

So you get a nice set to add to your baby’s wardrobe at an affordable price? Cool! Is that not amazing?

And remember you can select the color that suits your taste. You can also select the size that fits your baby.

This way you are sure to get the right fit for your baby and you.

Add this set to your wardrobe today. And watch how handsome your little prince will look.

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