Baby Boy Girl Casual Plain Mesh Shoes Wholesale 39435390

Baby Boy Girl Casual Plain Mesh Shoes Wholesale 39435390




Sku : 39435390
Clothing Categories : Shoes
Gender : Girls,Boys
Age : 3-18months
Fabric : Mesh
Color : Black,White,Blue,Grey,Pink,Purple,Rose
Season : Summer
Pattern : Solid Color
Occasion : Casual

SIZE Shoes lnner length (cm)
3-6months 11
9-12months 12
12-18months 13

They just love moving, don’t they? Moving their little feet here and there either to stretch or practice baby steps.

You want to make sure they are comfortable and strong on their feet as they grow older and smarter.

These everlasting baby shoes are carefully made from mesh fabric. Mesh is made of nylon or polyester yarn.

The mesh is loosely woven or knitted to make closely spaced holes. This makes them super breathable and extremely lightweight.

The above features are suitable for babies taking the first steps. The shoes are non-slip and accorded absolute comfort with soft foam cushioning.

These pairs will come to the rescue when the summer heat makes it almost impossible to completely cover one’s feet. This is especially true for children because they are more sensitive to temperature changes than adults.

All children are adorable, but they are also different in their own ways. We are aware of these peculiarities and so we make several sizes and colors available.

The available sizes will fit little infants between 3-18 months. See our size recommendations to serve as a reference as you search for a perfect fit.

Aside from the sizes, we also have multiple colors to suit the awesome kid. We have Black, White, Blue, Grey, Pink, Purple, and dose.

Feel free to put on these Baby Boy/Girl Casual Plain Mesh Shoes on your kid during the days of summer or whenever the weather gets hot.

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