Baby Girl Flower Print Cami Bodysuit Wholesale 74004754

Baby Girl Flower Print Cami Bodysuit Wholesale 74004754




Sku : 74004754
Clothing Categories : Rompers
Gender : Girls
Age : 0-24months
Fabric : Cotton Blend
Color : Multi
Season : Summer
Pattern : Flower,Printed
Occasion : Casual

SIZE Length (cm) Bust (cm)
0-3months 35 48
3-6months 37 50
9-12months 39 52
12-18months 41 54
18-24months 43 56

This is the perfect summer cloth for your baby girl. The design is an armless bodysuit for toddlers.

The material is light and soft on the skin. It is also strong despite being light. It does not tear easily. And it can withstand a couple of rough bumps.

It is the right casual summer cloth for your baby girl.

The dress looks cute on any toddler. Toddlers are already cute but this dress turns up the volume.

Your baby will look beautiful all day. The cloth is simple and casual wear. But this casual wear drips style and says a lot of good things.

It says “this toddler is ready for a nice picnic”, or “today is such a happy day.”

The cloth is soo light it might as well be a feather. You can feel it sway in the wind. With this poetic feeling, your baby’s day is off to a great start.

Also, it is easy to wash and get rid of stains in the dress. Let truthful toddlers make a lot of mess. And that is why their wardrobe should be 90% casual clothes.

The color is white or black with flowery designs on it. The flowery designs give the feeling of summer.

Summer is when everything is sunny. The flowers bloom and butterflies are everywhere.

So clothes with flowers complement this season. They make the good feelings of laughter, happiness complete.

More so the clothing is light which allows the baby to feel the cool summer breeze. After the great winter cold.

Your baby girl can move around as much as she desires. The cloth allows more than enough room for movement.

She can run around the house and play with toys all day long. With no problem of heat, tightness. What’s more, she looks cute in the dress.

Moreover, the cloth is affordable. You could buy ten of this and not feel a pinch in your account. Order yours now!

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