Boys’ Spring And Autumn Cartoon Printed T-shirt Wholesale 89475218

Boys’ Spring And Autumn Cartoon Printed T-shirt Wholesale 89475218




Sku : 89475218
Clothing Categories : T-Shirts
Gender : Boys
Age : 9months-4years
Fabric : Cotton Blend
Color : White,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Navy
Season : Spring
Pattern : Cartoon,Printed
Occasion : Casual

SIZE Length (cm) Bust (cm) Sleeve length (cm) Pants Length (cm) Hip (cm) Waist (cm) Recommended height (cm)
9-12months 35 50.4 29 48 56.4 19 63-73
18-24months 37 53.6 31 51 59 19 73-83
2-3years 39 56.8 33 54 62.8 20 83-93
3-4years 41 60 35 57 66 20 93-103

Are you getting spring and autumn clothes for your baby boy? This ‘spring and autumn cartoon printed t-shirt’ is what you need.

The t-shirt is beautiful and sunny. And your baby boy will shine in it.

The shirt comes in different colors, white, blue, black and yellow. You can choose any color that you like.

The word ‘smile’ was printed on the t-shirt. Each word comes with a different color. Overall the t-shirt looks like ‘spring’.

A beautiful season when everything is cool. Neither too hot nor too cold.

Wearing this t-shirt your baby boy will transform into a ‘spring boy’.

The material of the cloth is excellent. It is strong and does not tear easily.

However, despite being strong the material is soft on the skin. It will be like a feather against your baby’s skin.

Toddlers are always cute. But wearing this t-shirt the volume is dialed up.

More so, this t-shirt allows your boy to move around easily. He can jump, roll on the floor or raise his hands. And he will not feel constrained.

Every stitch on the cloth is strategically placed. This is to give you and your family the best.

A boy’s wardrobe without a t-shirt in it is incomplete. It is the casual cloth boys wear the most.

And yes, this t-shirt is for casual occasions. Something to throw on normal days. However, because it is casual does not mean it should not be cute.

This t-shirt aims to make your boy look his best every day. Letting his casual look compete with his special occasion look.

By now you must be in love with this t-shirt. But you might think ‘Nah it will be expensive’

Yeah, the cloth quality is good. It is pretty but guesses what? It is affordable.

Get the best for your baby boy today. Order yours now!

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