Colorful Baby Girl Gradient Wig Braid Bow Hairpin Wholesale 37725377

Colorful Baby Girl Gradient Wig Braid Bow Hairpin Wholesale 37725377




Sku : 37725377
Clothing Categories : Accessories
Gender : Girls
Size : Free Size
Fabric : Alloy,Crystal,Lace
Color : Blue,Pink,Purple,Red
Season : All Season
Pattern : Color-blocking,Bow
Occasion : Casual

Hello! This set of colorful and functional hairpins are simply amazing. We think mommy’s little girl would be glad to have them.

And why not? They are stylish, girly, and effectively perform an excellent job keeping all types of hair in place.

These colorful baby girl hairpins with gradient wig and braid bow are made from an incredible combination of alloy, crystal, and lace fabrics. This fabric selection is universally recognized for its remarkable resilience and versatility.

The material is durable, smooth, and medically safe. We guarantee that it will serve its function for long years.

Feel free to use this set of hair bands for straight, curly, or wavy hair. In this case, one size does fit all.

All girl stuff should have adorable, yet simple, designs, even simple accessories such as hairpins. The little girls deserve all the charm we could give them.

Have you seen the cute little bow? It will be a magnificent touch of class for your little girl.
The adorable hairpins have an incredible combination of multiple colors to fit every mood, taste, and season.

The free-size feature of this set allows the hairpins to fit large or small hair without being loose or uncomfortably tight.

Get your little lady this set to ease her struggle with out-of-place hair and bring out her extraordinary beauty.

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