Fashion Pharrell Kid Round Glasses Wholesale 53185219

Fashion Pharrell Kid Round Glasses Wholesale 53185219




Sku : 53185219
Clothing Categories : Accessories
Gender : Girls,Boys
Size : Free Size
Fabric : PC
Color : Black,White,Purple,Red,Orange,Yellow,Navy,Skyblue
Season : All Season
Pattern : Letters
Occasion : Casual

Are you looking for fashion accessories for your kids? No worries! You are at the right place.

After putting on pretty clothes, children need accessories to make them stand out.

Say no more! This ‘fashion Pharrell kid round glasses’ is all you need. An accessory to tone up your kids’ classy and sophisticated look.

Little children looking cool is just cute. A glass-like this makes them look like the younger version of classy people.

The glass is back in color. With some fancy writing at the end. Apart from looking cool with this glass, the sun intensity on the eye is toned down.

Glass is a perfect accessory for anyone. Think of popular people, 80% of them use cool glasses outside. So when paparazzi snap them you find these glasses on their face.

Children love new things. They also love fascinating things. Your kid will be pleased with these glasses.

The glass is made of good quality. So you do not have to worry it will break easily.

Your baby can put it over the eye or the head (again like adults). This is the perfect summer gift for your baby boy or girl.

Wearing the glasses is easy. And when the kid wants to remove it he or she can just pull it over the head.

Or they can remove it and put one hand of the glasses inside their top. Either way, it looks good to the eye.

This is one accessory you should get for your kid. Let him look cool and happy every day.

And you know the best thing yet? The glasses are affordable. Considering all its qualities, you might expect it to be expensive.

Good news to you! You can buy twenty of these excellent glasses and your account will not sweat.

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